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Fine Free

As of September 1, 2021, no overdue fines will be incurred any book or DVD at the Victor Farmington Library. 

All borrowed books and DVDs will still have due dates, but will automatically be renewed at the time of that due date.  Most items can be renewed twice.  Once an item has reached its maximum “checkouts”(the initial checkout plus the two renewals) and has not been returned to the library, it will be considered “lost” and the price of that item will be charged to the patron’s account.  For example, an Adult Fiction book is checked out for three weeks.  If it is not returned after the three weeks is up, it will be automatically renewed for another three weeks.  If it is not returned after that second three-week loan period, it will automatically be renewed one last time for another three weeks.  If the book has not been returned to the library after the total of nine weeks, it will be considered lost and the patron will be billed for the cost of the book.

  • Most books have a three-week loan period with two renewals for a total of nine weeks.
  • Most DVDs have a one-week loan period with two renewals for a total of three weeks.

Out of courtesy for all patrons, the library encourages patrons to promptly return borrowed items once they are done with them so that others may enjoy them. 

Please note that some items, including but not limited to the list below will still incur late fines.

  • Metal detector
  • All Discovery Kits – children’s and adults
  • Museum passes
  • Empire State passes
  • Tote bags
  • Self-correcting letter puzzles
  • Alphabet match-me game
  • Hiking poles
  • Pickleball paddles
  • Other items as defined by the library

Other Libraries

Not all libraries in the Pioneer Library System have a fine free policy.  If a Victor Farmington Library patron physically visits another library within the system and borrows an item directly from that library, that item(s) could be subjected to fines if returned late.  Each library in the system sets its own policies, and there is no “system wide” policy or policies regarding fines and fees. 

If a patron borrows an item from another library and it is delivered to the Victor Farmington Library, that item follows the fine free policy set forth by the Victor Farmington Library.

Our goal is to improve access and opportunity.  If a patron has existing overdue fines prior to checking out items on September 01, 2021, we invite them to speak with a staff member about returning any overdue items, or if they have already returned the items, removing all previous overdue fines charged on those items and updating the customer record.