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Ancestry.com Library Edition


The Victor Farmington Library now offers a free in-house public version of ancestry.com.

What do you mean by in-house?

The version of ancestry.com can only be used on the Victor Farmington Library’s local wi-fi.  This means you will not be able to use it at home but only on our public computers or using our wi-fi.  We have links on our public computers.  If you are on your device you can access it by clicking the ancestry.com logo above.

What is a public version?

      When using ancestry.com you will be logged in as Victor Farmington Library.  You will not be able to save anything to your ancestry account though you will still be able to download and print documents.  We will be able to view other people’s family trees that they have made public but not create your own.

How much does it cost per use?

The Victor Farmington Library offers this service for free.