Renovations on our large meeting room and public bathrooms will begin September 11.  These areas will closed during this time, but the rest of the library will remain open.  Porta-potties will be set up outside.


The links below will allow you to view our policies.

Victor Farmington Library Policies Table

Bed Bug Policy 

Board Member Code of Ethics Policy

Capital Campaign Policy

Censorship and Freedom to Read Policy

Circulation and Lending Policy

Code of Conduct

Collection Development Policy

Conference and Travel Reimbursement Policy

Confidentiality of Records

Conflict of Interest

Credit Card Policy

Emergency Closing Policy

First Amendment Response and Protocol Policy

Gift Policy

Internet and Public Use Policy

Investment Policy

Materials Selection Policy

Meeting Room Policy

NYS Paid Sick Leave Policy

Open Meeting Policy

Pandemic Response Plan

Pandemic Illness Policy

Patron Code of Conduct Policy

Privacy Policy

Public Access to Records Policy

Public Comment Policy

Purchasing Policy

Records and Retention Policy

Reserve Fund Policy

Social Media Policy

Tobacco Use Policy

Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy

Succession Plan

Trustee Education Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Working Remotely Policy