Renovations on our large meeting room and public bathrooms will begin September 11.  These areas will closed during this time, but the rest of the library will remain open.  Porta-potties will be set up outside.


Tim Niver, Library Director

Krystina Dippel,  Children’s Librarian

Greta Selin-Love, Community Services Librarian

Whitney Whitfield, Teen Librarian

Jessica Pritchard, Development Manager

  • Jenny Abbott, bookkeeper, tween services
  • Kiernan Bolan
  • Nicole Blossom
  • Morgan Callari
  • Sheila Garwood
  • Candi Horihan
  • Kathy Jewsbury
  • Laura Marsh
  • Kim Mendel
  • Lex Pritchard
  • Bradleigh Ross
  • Lauren Shea
  • Peggy Shea
  • Cathy Tschanz