The May 2024 board meeting will take place on May 30, 2024 at 7pm in the library.

Maddy’s Story (2023 Annual Appeal)

I met Maddy when she visited the library with her grandparents. After an action-packed day filled with books, dressing up, meeting new people, and talking with longtime friends, they put the toys away, got their coats, and headed home. Soon, they realized that when Maddy, age 4, returned the princess costume, she forgot to remove the sparkly tutu.

Grandpa Dan gladly brought it back to its home on our dress-up rack the next day. When he told Maddy that he’d returned it, she worried that he put it back in the wrong place. Always on the lookout for teachable moments, the dynamic duo visited the library the very next day so she could double-check his work. You’ll be glad to know, Grandpa got a gold star for his efforts.

VFL has helped so many children like Maddy and her sister Elizabeth start their educational journeys on a strong footing. Like her big sister, Maddy recently celebrated completing 1,000 books before Kindergarten. Promoted by the 1,000 Books Foundation, this initiative encourages parents to read to and with their children. Watching a young person like Maddy or Elizabeth gain independence and experience pride by picking out a whole stack of books to borrow is priceless. Mom and Dad are equally happy after visiting with the kids. They’ve just made their little one’s day and helped them grow. Best of all, the visit didn’t cost them a thing.

You’ve probably noticed that warm, friendly places of learning and connection like VFL are facing more challenges than ever before. Our staff is stretched thin trying to find funding to expand our programs and services, handle censorship challenges, and refresh our very dated, too-small facility.

New this year, the very generous members of the Friends of the Victor Farmington Library have pledged up to $5,000 through a matching gift. Any first-time donation made between now and June 30th automatically doubles! For example, a $25 contribution becomes a gift of $50. We are deeply grateful to both you and the Friends of VFL. Thank you for keeping this wonderful community resource going strong. Would you consider helping us earn the full $5,000 match by making your gift today?

Will you help ensure that the Victor Farmington Library is here to help the next generation of lifelong learners uncover their true potential by making your gift today?

P.S. Even a modest monthly gift makes an incredible difference in what VFL can offer Victor and Farmington residents.