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Library Vote 2021

There is an upcoming vote for a new library budget.  In 2019 we conducted a Community Survey and you shared what you need from the Victor Farmington Library.

Our request for a modest increase to the annual library budget will help us provide more of what you expect from us.

When and where is the vote?

This year, the vote will be conducted by mail. Residents of the Victor Central School District will receive ballots in the mail. Ballots will be mailed between 5/27 and 5/29. Please return your ballot mail in time for the school to receive it by Tuesday, 6/9/2020.

How much of an increase?

We are asking to increase taxpayer support from $0.22 per thousand dollars of assessed value to $0.25 per thousand dollars of assessed value.  The total budget would go from $629,368 in 2019 to $734,973 in 2021.  What does this mean to me?  It depends on the assessed value of your home.  For example, if your home is assessed at $300,000, you are currently paying $66 a YEAR.  If approved, you would pay $75, an increase of $9.00 a YEAR. 

Why the request for an increase?

The library board of trustees is exploring the effort and financing required to create a brand new library building.  The communities of Victor and Farmington have outgrown the size of the current library, and it is the board’s desire to provide the best possible facility for the community.  The increase in funding would be used towards understanding what it would take build a larger and more modern library that the community can be proud of.  The increase would also cover the rising costs of library materials and the yearly increase in New York State minimum wage. 

I thought we paid for the library through our town taxes.  Why are we voting?

The towns of Victor and Farmington have never been under any legal obligation to provide funding for the library.  The library is a separate organization that serves the residents who live within the Victor Central School District service area.  The towns were kind enough to provide funds through the town taxes they collected, but it 2015 the residents voted to pass a resolution to collect library funding through the school district.  The towns of Victor and Farmington no longer contribute to the library. 

So our school taxes pay for the library?

No.  NYS law says a public library cannot directly collect taxes so the school district collects them for us.  Other than conducting the public vote, and collecting these funds on our behalf, there is no affiliation between the school and the public library.  The library tax is a separate item on your school tax bill. 

What happens if the vote passes?

You’ll enable us to continue exploring potential locations for a new library, and working with architects and engineers to understand what it will take to reach our ultimate goal of a library we can all be proud of.  We will also be able to continue providing quality library services to the Victor Farmington community.  This includes offering a variety of children’s, teen and adult materials as well as putting on outstanding events and programs for children, teens, and adults.

What if the vote doesn’t pass?

If the vote fails, the library budget will remain as it was in 2020.  The progress we’ve already made toward a larger library would stop, jeopardizing further exploration of a new library.  As we attempt to compensate for the increase in NYS minimum wage, library hours would be evaluated and potentially cut.  Without additional revenue we would also be forced to consider reducing the number of new books and DVDs we purchase, due to continued increases in the cost of materials.  Sadly, reductions to the number of programs offered by the library would have to be evaluated.

Public Information Session 5/27

An online information session for members of the public seeking more information on the vote will be held on 5/27 at 6:30 pm. E-mail Tim Niver at to receive a meeting invitation.


For any questions regarding the vote, contact the Library Director, Tim Niver, at or 585-924-2637.

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